Who We Are

UIG English offers premium IELTS Preparation and English courses for students and professionals.  The first UIG location opened in 2012 and we now teach English in five locations around Jakarta and at a number of University campuses.

The programs we offer are designed by UTS:INSEARCH to meet the needs of students who want to study and/or work in native English-speaking countries including Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

UIG English provides English language courses to a range of Indonesian Universities.

We also deliver tailored programs for corporate clients and institutions.

A Note From Our Director

Welcome to UIG English.

UIG English has been delivering UTS:INSEARCH’s five levels of Academic English (AE) since 2012.   The AE curriculum, which is the only one of its kind delivered in Indonesia, provides a pathway to University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and other partner universities. It is suitable for those seeking to upgrade their English capabilities to prepare for overseas and/or to thrive in the global work place.

UTS:INSEARCH supports curriculum development, training of academic staff, and quality assurance of the programs run by UIG English in Indonesia to ensure that students receive the same quality outcomes that they would if they were in Sydney. UTS:INSEARCH has also developed new course offerings including University English Preparation, English for Professionals and International Exam Preparation courses for IELTS.

UIG English is proud to be part of supporting students to pursue their dream of studying abroad and is committed to continuing to support the development of English capabilities individual students, the government, education and corporate sectors across Indonesia.

Mariam Kartikatresni

Director, Indonesia Development


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Our Partner


UTS:INSEARCH is one of the top English language providers in Australia, with more than 25 years’ experience in teaching English to international students. UTS:INSEARCH has invested $2.5AUD million in the development of a world leading English curriculum aimed at meeting the needs of students wanting to successfully study and work in an English speaking environment. 

UTS:INSEARCH partners with a select group of experienced educational partners to deliver English programs to students around the world. 

UTS:INSEARCH is the pathway to help you get into the degree program you want and ensure you thrive once you’re there. We offer international students a broad range of academic choices, including diploma programs, UTS Foundation Studies (on behalf of UTS) and English.

Our diploma programs are developed in collaboration with each UTS faculty, with most UTS:INSEARCH students studying the same subjects as first year UTS students. This means that the credit points you study at INSEARCH count towards your UTS degree; so depending on your chosen degree, you can begin your second year at UTS*.

*Subject to successful completion of a diploma with no more than two subject failures.

Our University Partnerships

To meet the needs of a diverse range of students and, to enable delivery of English in a range of locations, UIG has partnered with the following leading Indonesian Universities: 

Faculty of humanities universitas indonesia

UIG English, in partnership with the Faculty of Humanities of Universitas Indonesia, has delivered English for Academic Research since 2015.

English for Academic Research is intended for lecturers who want to continue their postgraduate education at Masters or PhD level or who are preparing to conduct research or seeking publication in international scientific journals.


pusat bahasa trisakti

Since 2015, UIG has run Academic English and IELTS Preparation for Trisakti University's students and lecturers as well as the general public  at Trisakti University Language Center.

Located in a strategic area of downtown Jakarta, Trisakti University Language Center is one of UIG English satellite centres for West Jakarta.


international design school

International Design School (IDS) is a college specialising in visual communication (graphic design, animation, and film) currently in partnership with two Australian universities known for their creative studies programs, Griffith University and JMC College. UIG works with IDS to improve their students' academic English skills before continuing their study to Australia.


Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN)

Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN), part of the Kompas Gramedia Group aims to be an outstanding university in ICT at both the national and international levels, producing graduates that are internationally-minded and highly competent in their respective fields and equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit and noble character. As a sister company, UIG English has supported UMN in realising its vision through our industry-leading programs since 2013.